Monday, January 6, 2020

The Womens Suffrage Campaign - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 569 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/07/03 Category Law Essay Level High school Tags: Women's Suffrage Essay Did you like this example? Pros and Cons regarding the new amendment that our congress has passed. Women would be able to start up their own business or get their own job and have their own carrier without asking her marriage partner permission she would have more opportunities in this country but she could also have her own medical care transportation vehicles and more associations. The rights of the amendment are considered a bit weird and misunderstood but at the same time that could lead to less of equal gender rights. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Womens Suffrage Campaign" essay for you Create order But this also opens a door with enough space for the interpretation which is why those who look at the amendment U.S has passed say that it will take away some rights for women but while adding other rights for women. Women have been mistreated and not treated with the same rights as men until the amendment u.s congress has passed. The amendment established the right for women to vote it also gave women the right to have a say in this country. The amendment us congress passed was about equal rights and sexual equality. There werent really any downfalls to this amendment u.s congress passed it was more of an upgrade for sexual equality. The amendment gave women new opportunities and have their own careers and not be a stay home housewife. In my opinion I think women should have had rights of a man before the amendment even took place. Most of the federal law that doesnt agree on the equal rights of sex will be eliminated for good. The gender equality situation would start to become an illegal situation but as any preconception that is viewed on someones gender. Even though it wouldnt stop the society of the united states from keeping their personal views but it would shrink are the judgment of way how people take a look at the gender equality situation. It could also be a better perspective is to take an legal enforce on anyone who disobeys. Now its true by adding equal rights to the fourteenth amendment in the constitution would cause a miraculous amount of changes with the laws the government has given us. Now this also puts women in danger like laws that so a point of view of discarding the rule/law that puts women to working in mining jobs except for a type of working space environment for an example an office. This also could cause problems in the constitution like one of the major concerns is that it could influence the way laws are being made. If it ever comes to women working in mines they would be opposed to danger even though the men have had more experience with their careers more than women. Now ask yourself this would a high pay be worth it another con is that is the people that support the amendment of the U.S congress passed but however it was viewed as any other of the states but we will still have the authority to put the provisions of the document. Now the way they are doing it is the same way as their doing it with the thirteenth and fourteenth amendment or any other of various amendments that were already made. They also will have about seven hundred and thirty days to make a variety of changes to any law that points out violence towards the gender equality disagreement.

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